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How to get more returning guests and fill empty capacities?

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Today, it is very difficult to get the same guests to book repeatedly and constantly from you. Repeat bookings are the sign of happy and satisfied guests. Personal service and consideration from you are important factors that motivate guests for repeat bookings. Yes, the food, facilities, weather, location are also important, but if they didn’t feel comfortable and not welcomed by you and your staff they absolutely won’t return. Getting booked up is the ultimate aim for accommodation owners. Encouraging guests to return is one such way to achieve this goal efficiency. If the guest wants to return they will be likely to tell all their friends and family about you, word of mouth is the best marketing for your property for free.


Here are TOP 5 things you should do to have more returning guests and to have “FULL HOUSE”:

1. Maintain relationships and offer extra benefits for all returning guests

If you are not sure that your guest will come back it is good to give them some discount coupon or special guest card to “motivate” them to make reservation in your accommodation capacity again. You can also offer them some extra benefits when they will return, you can maybe set out a plate of cookies or a dish of candies, arrange a vase of fresh flowers in the room or offer hot chocolates, coffees or teas. Make them feel special and to tell their friends for that unique experience. Maintain relationship with them, send them email for their birthday, wish them happy New Year or just remind them that you were happy for having them as guests and promote some new offers that you will have for the following season. To do that now is simple as never before, you just have to use a proper booking service, which will automatically perform all previously mention tasks.

2. Know your guests

Keep up-to-date with what your guests want, know your guests and be visible in your property, making personal contact with them to build trust and confidence. Knowing your guest’s preferences as well as their tastes and interests, gives you opportunity to take a positive and proactive approach to their return visit by personalizing their rooms according to what they prefer. You can give them to fill a short questionnaire on their first visit, and when they return you can make those small changes that will make them feel more comfortable, happy and relaxed like they are at home. Customize the guestroom to a particular returning guest and for sure they will be back again. According to their wishes you can make a small modification in the room, maybe you can change pictures on the wall, or change the linens into their favorite color. It is also good if the staff and housekeepers know guests names so they can greet them in a personal manner while there are in your property. Give people a reason to talk about you, wow your guest and make it really difficult for them to ever think not coming back to you.

3. Use Social Media Channels to promote yourself for free

“Social media exist to bring people together”
Social media today is a very powerful way to keep and update your guests about the new offers, discounts and basically everything that is currently happening in your property. According to Hubspot 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites and 92% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. If you don’t have Facebook Page or Twitter account create them immediately, stay in touch with your customers 24/7. You can also add a YouTube channel where you can post videos from your property, events and happenings and share them later on the other channels. Update the content on a daily basis, post different posts and statuses for your property. Write a blog or have a news section on your website. That will create more traffic on the website and it’s a great way to engage with the guests and to increase your online presence. You can also hire a marketing assistant to do all this tasks, and you can concentrate on running your business while your assistant does the rest.

4. Respond to guests review

This is very important part of your business. Listen to your guest, if there is some problem the first thing they want to hear is “How we can make it better”. Learn from your mistakes, and try not to repeat them. Guests far more often tell friends about bad experiences than good ones. That will be bad for your reputation. You can make 10 thinks right but only one small mistake can ruin everything you built before. The more positive reviews you have on your advert the more likely a future guest to make a reservation. Train your staff to be prepared to respond on any question and to be able to find a proper solution if some problem occur. Have the appropriate training, tools and systems in place in order for them to deliver this.

5. Be a step ahead of your competition

The hospitality industry is highly competitive. Keep an eye on your competitors. Be updated what prices they are charging, marketing promotions, some special offers etc. On that way you can make yourself sure that you offer the best value for the money. There are many ways to track your competitors and be aware of what they are planning in the near future. You should stay competitive, don’t lower the prices when competition do, but make sure that your guests know that you are worth the extra money.


Better productivity, speeding up daily accommodation tasks

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Another month, another improvements of your favorite accommodation management software If you are an accommodation owner this service can help you to save a lot of time (on a daily and monthly basis) and it can help you to fill empty capacities by giving you all the tools needed for direct promotion.

Tell us more about your business

What’s new?

We have upgraded the TODO list tasks by adding the recurrence events. If you change blankets and towels every three days in a specific apartment, you can now add just one task and set its recurrence to be “Every 3 days” and system will take care of the rest. Time efficient, do it once when your guest come and that’s it.


Another new feature allows you to get instant overview of all your guest arrivals and departures and you know exactly which guests are currently staying in your accommodation units. There is also a useful filter so you can search your guests by different criterions.


Few customers wanted to hide occupancy calendar (so it will not be directly accessible) and that’s why we have added possibility to protect it with a password.


We have also added support section directly inside your Dashboard so you can learn about the features through the video tutorials, FAQ, social media channels and posts from this blog. We are encouraging you to fill the survey and tell us more about your needs so we can tailor the solution according to them.

That is all for now, stay tunned for more!


Accepting bookings directly from your website

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With you can now accept guest’s bookings and reservations directly from your website. You don’t need to know any programming languages, just copy one line of code that we have prepared for you. You can even change the design, so everything will look like as it is the part of your website.

How to start?

  1. Create account or login with the existing one
  2. Enter your accommodation offer
  3. Go to Settings > Page and booking settings > Design settings and setup the design (choose the colors to match your website look)
  4. Go to Settings > Page and booking settings > Integrate Booking module with your website and insert one line of code into your website (the best will be to create a new page, i.e. Bookings)
Try it now for free

Regarding the above…

You can tweak the design of the booking module and change the default colors to make them look the same as on your website:

At the end, just copy one line of code inside your website and that’s it:

What will your guests see?

Additional option: if you want to give the private access to the resellers you can hide the booking module from your guests by asking for the password:

When they select the dates they will need to enter the number of incoming guests and to define the period of stay:

And they will need to leave their contact information:

Job done!
You will get the email and SMS notification for each new booking.
You are now ready to accept bookings and reservations directly from your website.


Booking calendar for accommodation owners, tourist agencies and guests

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Where can you find the proper booking software and property management software (PMS)?
This question is being asked by many accommodation owners and small family hotels that face empty rooms in high season and miss flexible tool to promote their accommodations worldwide.

5 must have elements in your PMS software

  • Easy to use – no need for special education about its usage
  • Clear interface – your guests and agencies you work with can see clearly what is or what is not available for booking (different color statuses – inquiry, reserved, booked/not available).
  • One “ring to rule them all” – you can see all your accommodation units at one page with booking information.
  • Optimized for mobile – bookings on a smart phone/tablet device.
  • Automatic invoicing and pricing – based on the rules you set price will be calculated accordingly and invoice will be created.

That’s why we have created the service. It is property management system designed for apartments, small independent hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, hostels, lodges and vacation rentals. It offers front desk tools, online booking capabilities, guest profiles and financial accounting features. Our goal is to help you run your accommodation business easier and fill empty rooms.

Try it now for free

After creating the account and adding your first accommodation offer, you will be able to see all bookings at one page. It is very easy to get the complete overview on your bookings. You can even manage bookings from there – just select the dates you wish to book and enter the guests data.
Statuses of your bookings are displayed in different colors.

When your guests visit your website (that is automatically created by they can make booking directly from their smart phone/mobile device (few screens from mobile device are displayed bellow).

After the booking is made they will get an email with all information needed for their payment (PayPal, Credit card or bank/wire transfer). You will also get an email and SMS that will inform you about their booking.

Pro-Forma Invoice will be automatically created and the guest will see how much he needs to pay in advance to confirm his reservation.

We have prepared also the series of video tutorials  to help you start adding first units, set prices, make booking reservations, check-in your guests and much more.

Happy booking!