Dormito.re is a accommodation management system designed for small independent hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, hostels, lodges and vacation rentals. It offers front desk tools, online booking capabilities, guest profiles and financial accounting features.

The system includes an online booking engine (with 0% commission) that allows potential guests to view a property’s occupancy and book a room of their choice, which prompts a notification on the hotelier’s phone or email account. Dormito.re also features social media integration and pushes a property’s rates and inventory information to online travel agencies.

After a guest’s stay, the system can maintain a database of information, such as check-in and check-out times, birthdays, number of children someone has and more; all of which can be accessed via mobile device. This database also allows users to engage with customers through marketing campaigns by emailing certain guest segments about special events or promotions.

Dormito.re offers three versions designed for small hospitality businesses with 10 rooms up to larger properties with 100 rooms.

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