Booking calendar for accommodation owners, tourist agencies and guests

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Where can you find the proper booking software and property management software (PMS)?
This question is being asked by many accommodation owners and small family hotels that face empty rooms in high season and miss flexible tool to promote their accommodations worldwide.

5 must have elements in your PMS software

  • Easy to use – no need for special education about its usage
  • Clear interface – your guests and agencies you work with can see clearly what is or what is not available for booking (different color statuses – inquiry, reserved, booked/not available).
  • One “ring to rule them all” – you can see all your accommodation units at one page with booking information.
  • Optimized for mobile – bookings on a smart phone/tablet device.
  • Automatic invoicing and pricing – based on the rules you set price will be calculated accordingly and invoice will be created.

That’s why we have created the service. It is property management system designed for apartments, small independent hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, hostels, lodges and vacation rentals. It offers front desk tools, online booking capabilities, guest profiles and financial accounting features. Our goal is to help you run your accommodation business easier and fill empty rooms.

Try it now for free

After creating the account and adding your first accommodation offer, you will be able to see all bookings at one page. It is very easy to get the complete overview on your bookings. You can even manage bookings from there – just select the dates you wish to book and enter the guests data.
Statuses of your bookings are displayed in different colors.

When your guests visit your website (that is automatically created by they can make booking directly from their smart phone/mobile device (few screens from mobile device are displayed bellow).

After the booking is made they will get an email with all information needed for their payment (PayPal, Credit card or bank/wire transfer). You will also get an email and SMS that will inform you about their booking.

Pro-Forma Invoice will be automatically created and the guest will see how much he needs to pay in advance to confirm his reservation.

We have prepared also the series of video tutorials  to help you start adding first units, set prices, make booking reservations, check-in your guests and much more.

Happy booking!